This is a picture taken around the late 1800s in Nola, Arkansas. It's of my great great grandmother, Melvina Jones Morrow. She was Cherokee, her husband wasn't. Melvina suffered through the Trail of Tears. Her entire family died on the trail. She was picked up by a white family as a young girl. We all assume that Melvina got left behind on the trail. There is no way to know what Melvina's real name was because the white family that took her in probably changed it. She married a white man, which was very shameful back then. Together they had five children, one of which was my grandma's dad. Melvina and her husband, William Morrow both died at seventy-one. This picture is a very important keepsake to our family because it gives us a glimpse of what our family was like back then. It also helps me get to know more about my family and their past.

– Gracie Lindsay

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