The 2 Dollar Bill

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
2 dollar bill
2 dollar bill

The object that I picked is a 2 dollar bill. I picked this object because my whole family has it and it has been a tradition in my family for many generations. This shows that in my culture, money is a sign of good luck. My parents migrated from Mexico and they had to walk all the way to America. My mom told me that they had to wear all black so they couldn’t see them at night. What stands out to me about my family’s moving story is that they had to do a lot just for them to get here. They had to dress up in all black, they would hide themselves in mud when there were helicopters up in the sky, and they ran for long periods of time. I feel like this must’ve been a really tough time. Something that is crazy to me is that my mom had a 2 dollar bill with her the whole time. My grandma gave one to her before she left and I think that is why she always makes us carry a 2 dollar bill in our wallet. My mom believes that that bill is one of the reasons that she was able to make it out of that really hard situation and be able to be safe. Some other stories I’ve heard also have had some signs of good luck for them. For example, I heard a story that whenever my family saw a specific kind of bird, they would take it as a sign of good luck. They also told me that while they were coming to America, they saw a few of those birds in the sky while coming so they thought they had good luck. Another story I read was another about a 2 dollar bill story just like mine. I read that their family has always used a 2 dollar bill as a sign of good luck.

Place(s): Mexico, America
Year: 1990

– Melanie

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant