I am an American… I was born in Brooklyn, New York, but I follow a religion Islam. I inherit this religion from my mother and father. My parents are both from Bangladesh, which is a suburb place with a mix of a city and a countryside. My mother came from the cityside and my father is from the countryside. Our race is called a “Muslim.” I have a religious praying hat called a “topi” (too-pee). This object is something all Muslim men wear when we are praying to our god, Allah. It is something optional to wear during the age of 7-10 years old but at age 10-14 and etc you must wear it to pray. But it’s o.k. if you forgot to wear it. Certain Muslims wear Topis outside and even in public places to show that they are proud of their religion. Topis are common to find- they are purchasable and can be homemade. In my home I have 4 topis because there is only two male Muslim in my family here in Brooklyn, which is me and my dad. This is an important object to wear but it can be optional not wear it if you have one on you. It shows respect in Islam if you wear it when praying. To me these clothes show how people are not afraid to wear them in public, to show that they are different, to show pride, and not letting other people judge them.

Year: 2010

– Rezanur Rohan

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