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Relationship: Child of im/migrant

Hi my name is Azizjon, I’m from Uzbekistan, My artifact is my thawb (Muslim  clothing ) It was made in Saudi Arabia.  It is normally made of cotton, heavier materials such as sheep's wool can also be used, especially in colder climates in Iraq and Syria. I got it from my grandmother when she went to Makkah, the very first masjid in Madina in Arabia. 
I got it from my grandmother and it was really important to me because I always wanted one and she got one and it was very beautiful. I was also happy because she got it in the very first masjid and that meant that she was thinking about me in Makkah. It is mainly because it covers the places on your body that need to be covered when you are praying. It also is because it is light and it is not heavy so you can move freely. 
Men wear this at home as pajamas, on special occasions or outside in the public or on the streets. You mainly see men wearing them on the streets in either India, Egypt, Makkah, Madina, Yemen and Uzbekistan or a bunch of other places. It is a very old type of clothing. I chose it because it was really important to me and it was from Makkah the most famous Muslim Masjid and first in the world. 
When I wear a Thawb I feel like I am wearing not just a piece of cloth but a piece of history. A few questions I would like to ask my family is about a Thawb,  who started wearing/making them, why don’t women wear them and why do we wear them. We mainly wear this when we pray on Ramadan, Eid or at home. I usually just wear it during Ramadan to pray. Oh, one second I need to pray right now. 

Place(s): Uzbekistan
Year: 2008

– AI

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant