In Attire

My mom is the second youngest of 8 children. Family has always been extremely important to her and she was very close to her siblings who have been her support system. When she immigrated to the U.S., her mother and sister had each given her two sarees, along with other things, to take with her. While my mom does not wear these sarees often, they are saved carefully. The pink one was handmade and hand-designed by her sister who, rather than simply buying a saree, decided to put more effort into the making of it so it would hold more value to my mother. The red/brown one was given to my mom by her mother and although it's a bit ruined now, she keeps it as a prized possession. In Bangladesh, often times, when people give presents to women, they tend to be either gold jewelry or sarees so these are quite common presents. These sarees served as a piece of her family that was on the other side of the world. This helped her remember her family which helped her get through time of adapting to a new country where she no longer had her support system close to her. To me it seems that her family did this as a way to comfort her and that's very necessary for someone who is an immigrant and quite hard to find as well in a new country as well. 

– Mithila Farin

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