Thanksgiving Tradition

Home Cooked Meal
Home Cooked Meal

Thanksgiving is a very special holiday in my family and my favorite. Here in a picture of some of the foods we like to eat. Thanksgiving traces back to my family history. My grandmother is of west Indian descend. My grandfather whom in died in April 2015 was of Cherokee Indian and European descended. He grew up in the south so although he would take about thanksgiving tradition from his roots he also brought his southern side to the table.This year's thanksgiving was the first thanksgiving in 3 years (since 2014)that my family was together as a whole. Not to mention that every so and so years (Leap year) thanksgiving would fall on my grandfathers birthday. After my grandfather died it became difficult for the family to get together and celebrate because it didn't feel the same.There are secrets to all of the recipes you see on this plate. Ingredients that have been passed down from generation to generation. My mother told me growing up in my grandparents house my grandfather would do all the cooking because he loved to cook. He didn't have a problem with making dinner. I figure that is where I get it from because I love to cook as well. Cooking a home-cook meal and the value of family of dinner at the dinner table is what brings a family closer.

Place(s): New York

– Geneva Nelson

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