Tea Bag

Tea; a hot drink made by infusing the dried, crushed leaves of the tea plant in boiling water. My family is held together by this bag full of leaves seeping in a hot cup of water stirred together with milk. In the first place, tea originates from Britain where it is a law for workers to take 20 minutes to have “tea time”. Not only was my grandpa from Britain but, growing up he kept the British tradition alive with my brothers and I. I can still recall the scent of his sweaters after he drank a cup of tea that stayed so strongly, sweet and warm. Tea was never limited to a special occasion in my house thus, twice a week my grandpa and I would have tea parties together. While sitting on a pink blanket, we would drink Lipton with a plate full of cookies. Whenever I was feeling down or sick he would say “tea makes the world go round”. Tea is significant to me because when I lost my grandpa it was the only thing that I could find comfort in. While I make a cup of tea, I think about my grandpa. From time to time, I reminisce on the days we shared together and the endless stories that were told. Ultimately I feel as if tea identifies a part of me and my childhood memories. If someone were to ask me how to cure a bad day id say "tea makes the world go round".

Year: 2016

– Julia Catalanello

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