Thanksgiving Photo

Alexa and Millie
Alexa and Millie

Object story: A special thanksgiving in a small apartment in harlem going way back with a small family .In 1989 November 26, Millie was having a special thanksgiving in her new apartment. Her Daughter named Alexa helped Millie cook food such as,Turkey,Rice,sweet potato and more. Millie had said "We would invite my dad over to eat and listen to music with us,he was old and we wanted to spend more time with him," Millies dad and her were very close. She had also stated "We decided to celebrate Thanksgiving, and me getting this apartment because we had come so far," She misses everything from her old town and this was a big step up to her. She had originally come from puerto rico. Millie had lastly said "I stopped doing this because sadly,my dad had passed,and I think if I did it again i would feel very sad." Her daughter still talks with her but they stopped coming together. Even though she stopped doing these big Thanksgiving dinners she still has these wonderful memories,and if she could do it again she would.

Place(s): Harlem,NewYork,Puerto Rico
Year: 1973

– NC

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant