Family at Great Aunt's for Thanksgiving
Family at Great Aunt's for Thanksgiving

My immediate family did not immigrate from anywhere, however, back in 1620, a man named William Brewster, my great great great great great grandfather, boarded the Mayflower and set sail for the New World. Mr. Brewster was a teacher and sold religious books, but his goal for traveling to America was to become a spiritual leader, in order to separate himself from the Church of England. His trip on the Mayflower was a long, grueling adventure that took sixty six days to complete. The ship had to sail through immensely high wind speeds and sickenly rough waters, in a boat only 90 feet long. Nevertheless the Mayflower reached it's destination of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, but the difficulties continued. The winter in America was extremely harsh and most believe caused numerous deaths before the pilgrims finally settled in. They had the legendary first Thanksgiving and the rest is history. My family holds a Thanksgiving feast every year at my great aunt's house in order to keep the tradition going throughout the generations. I believe that my family still does this tradition every year because of the heritage we share. My great great great great great grandfather may have even been at the first feast so I think this is a way for us to honor the original family tradition. 

Place(s): Mount Shasta, Napa Valley, East Coast
Year: 1620

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