Teddy Bear

A little girl and her teddy bear
On a normal sunny day in California in 1995, a little girl, her mom, and her teddy bear made their new home. Her mom had brought them to the United States seeking a better life for her daughter and herself and attempting to leave behind the life they had in Shenyang, China. Finally, in 1997 her mom remarried and received a green card for both of them, making their new life a little more secure in the United States. A couple of months later, they moved to Houston, Texas to settle down as a family. One of her first memories of Texas is taking a vacation to San Antonio after a couple of months of living in Texas. After coming to Texas at the age of 7 taking in a new life she never thought she would have, she continues to live in Texas and is starting a family of her own. She keeps her teddy bear safe as a reminder of the challenges she faced as a child. 

Place(s): China, Texas
Year: 1997

– Christopher

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child