Tech Sergeant Patch

This object is important to me because it was my great grandfather's during World War II. When my grandfather wore this patch, I knew that he was representing America and fighting for America. I have always looked up to him, because he has seen and done a lot in his life. My great grandfather grew up in the heart of the Great Depression. People lost their jobs, people lost their money, and it was a very tough time for Americans. This made them as tough as nails. When he was 20, the second World War broke out. What happened in Pearl Harbor had awoken the sleeping giant of the United States. He decided to join the U.S. Army. In the army he was put in the 9th Aircore. In the Aircore his company flew and maintained B-27 bombers. He arrived in France on D-Day plus 3, and saw the concentration camp of Dachau. I was not kidding when I said he has done a lot of things. The patch was given to my dad. He holds onto it, so some day he can give it to me. 

– Ryan Iritano

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