Tanjore Paintings

Tanjore painting of Krishna and Radha
Tanjore painting of Krishna and Radha

My object is called Tanjore paintings. Tanjore paintings are the most famous paintings in South India. Unlike other paintings, it is decorated by stones and the inner frame is cloth. These paintings originate from Tanjore, India. My grandfather owned and painted Tanjore paintings. He lives in Tanjore, India. In his town, his paintings are very valuable. If you visit any of the temples there( where Indians go to worship gods,) most of the paintings hanging are painted by him. My grandfather had worked hard on these Tanjore paintings. He often did not have reliable paint or canvas or stones to decorate in his town. He always depended on other people to buy him the necessary items needed in order to make Tanjore paintings. If there is no one to buy him the items needed, he uses household items and food as a substitute for paint. The Tanjore paintings are important to me because it reflects how much hard work my grandfather has put into these paintings. Also, it helps my family to remember back in India and how generations before my grandfather might have done these paintings.

Place(s): India
Year: 2015

– Raghuraman

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