Relationship: Child of im/migrant

 Sunset Park’s 8th avenue acts as the sanctuary of the new wave of immigrants from the early 1980’s, predominantly from the Fuzhou region in southern China. Although it is merely one avenue, stretching from around 45th to 65th street, this simple and small stretch of land houses a majority of the new immigrants from China. As seen from the picture above, the houses occupying theses streets have been entirely renovated to allow for the development of the local economy servicing these new palates. The relatively self sufficient local economy in 8th Avenue,and mass immigration of Chinese,results in a new rising population of Chinese Americans, born in the States, or by naturalization. As the son of immigrant parents, I will be eternally grateful for the sacrifices my parents had to make in their own lives so we could be here in America, but at the same time I am also grateful for the community the arose along side these immigrants. Related to the Sociology of the family topics, Chinatown as a whole acts as a haven , and fulfillment for these immigrants who have been thrusted forward into a whole new world, and new identity.Chinatown was the home away from home, the family away from family, and although there were moments of encumbrance, its stability and familiarity, allow for the growth of a new generation of Chinese American who will better represent the thriving community born from the hardships and sacrifices of our predecessors. 

Place(s): NYC

– WZ

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant