As a child I leave my grandparent to a new place named America. I live with them for many years but I also miss my parents. But i have no chioce I must leave them. I knew I was going to live in America until I am a adult. Being here for about one week I start to become sad. Just can't hold it, because I miss my friends and my grandparents, I grew up with them, with the care and happiness they  gives me. No one will be happy even a kid under this situation. So my mom brought me a bear and tell me if you miss them you can talk to the bear and you will feel more better. Have you ever have a bear stay with you for many years? I was the kind of people that don't like to throw away toys. Even though there are non-living thing, but I feel they are living things, they will be sad, unhappy, and have feeling. Remember to be strong even something nearby you is changing, and having faith can makes you stronger.

Year: 2010

– yanxin Li

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child