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Relationship: Im/migrant

My object is an instrument that is used to make Merengues. Merengue is a Dominican dance that Dominican people and other people dance. This object is called a Tambora which is one of the most important instruments used to make Merengue. The Tambora is an important instrument to my country’s culture because since it is used to make Merengue, Merengue is our national dance. It also tells my country’s story because back then people used to play Merengue all the time, and the people would gather around to dance Merengue. This instrument is very important to my family also because the same way they used it to gather back then, we still do it today in the Dominican Republic. I myself have known how to dance Merengue and play with the Tambora since I was a little girl and this is something that anywhere you go in the Dominican Republic (D.R.) you will always hear playing on the radio, in bars, and at parties. Also in D.R., Dominicans are used to doing fiestas de palos that are parties they do months after somebody from their family dies. We do this by using the Tamboras and the palor and just basically make noise with them. Overall, the Tambora is a very important instrument for my family and my country.

– Rancely Perez

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant