Relationship: Child of im/migrant

The Christmas tamale tradition, my aunts was always the best. Having tamales every year became a habit that comes from our family tradition. I tend to associate tamales with my aunt who immigrated to the U.S along with most of my aunts and uncles. Her recipe is very traditional, just pork or chicken mixed with chiles combined with some choice spices for extra flavor. During the holidays my mother and my aunts gather together to press the masa, add the ingredients and wrap them in corn husks. This resembles each person’s part and passes their hard work on to the next person. Through the whole process they never stop talking they use this event to socialize and to catch up on everyone’s lives. This brings back my family roots in Mexico as a strong tradition of coming together to make a feast. Occasionally I find myself craving for a tamale and though I could buy one in the nearest restaurant or bakery they can’t compare to my aunts tamales. My favorite are “tamales de dulce” it’s a pretty pink tamale, after all they cost a dollar and fifty cents. I would always take a seat so I can reminisce as I eat, because it’s like I am almost in my aunts kitchen and at times I mistake the voices i hear for hers or one of my aunts it’s as close as i can get to being home with my family.  

Place(s): Mexico

– Alison Martinez

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant