Relationship: Child of im/migrant

Tamales, This is the most mexican food that my mom can make. My mom is a really good at making mexican food and all these delicious recipes from our country. Why I chose tamales was because it has many stories hidden behind them in our family. It was December 24, 11:00 pm, My mom had made tamales for my whole family to come to our Christmas party. Our house is really big so we had enough space to house a good twenty people. Lots of people came, my uncle Lupe, My cousin Manuel’s family, Even my Moms friends came which we weren't expecting but the one family I was waiting for was my cousin Rolando. He had gotten into a car accident on highway 95 because of all the ice on the Road. My dad went to help him out because it was my dad’s car, h He didn't look mad when he left but he looked worried that he got hurt. He got to the scene the car was in good shape but my was not in the car, he was taken to the nearest hospital. He suffered a minor concussion he was out of the hospital that same night one hour before twelve he came to our house and explained all the details about his incident, He was okay, looking better than ever. We all ate the tamales my mom made, they were delicious. This is what we do every year, hopefully without the incident the next years to come

Place(s): Minnesota, Mexico
Year: 1996

– Wilmar C.

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant