Zongzi (粽子)

In side of Zongzi(salty)
In side of Zongzi(salty)

            If talk about which Festival have most special food, it have to be Dragon boat. Reason is simple, during festival most likely you will eat ZongZi for lunch and breakfast for weeks. Zongzi is delicious (kind of). Every year my family will cook more than thirty Zongzi, and this all made by our hands. Zongzi is a food that rope by lotus leaf.Inside have 2 layers, first one at outside are sticky rice. Then we can put staff inside such pork,yolk,beans and Chinese sausage. For how the Zongzi created and history I think theirs a bunch articles on internet, I will not talk about it here.              In China there's a very interesting argument about Zongzi, is about he  favorite of Zongzi. There are two kinds of Zongzi (mainly), which are sweet and salty. Chinese people have a huge battle in internet about this many stand side and fight for it. For me, I absolutely supported salty side, because i feel Zongzi is a snack or sandwich not a dessert, can you imagine you eat dessert for breakfast and lunch? I can't accept it. I joined the battle in the past, people are so intensive on which side win, the argument still on, if you go in Baidu  (A website that similar to Reddit) you still can join the battle during Dragon boat festival every year. Of course, you have to prepare for getting thousands of people and internet troll spray some "friendly language" to you :)  That is all my understands and knowledge about Zongzi, feel free to add more and comment.

Year: 2011

– 7sky

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