Talking Drum

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Relationship: Child of im/migrant

The talking drum is an instrument that originated from Nigeria specifically the Yoruba tribe, where my father is from and the tribe he belongs to. The talking drum is made from wood and goat skin and is used for many different occasions. It can be used at funerals, christenings, inaugurations and other types of celebrations. It is important to me because it connects me to what I have never experience, but is also part of the story of me. Being born and raised in America, my father bringing back the talking drum for me when I was a little girl was exciting. It was exciting because I was getting to actually see and touch and piece of my culture and who I am. When I was a little girl my father would tell me stories of the talking drum and how it was used. He brought it back after a trip to Nigeria for his father’s funeral. That is also another reason why the drum is so important to me. I never got a chance to meet my grand-father, so in some ways it was like having a connection with him. My father came to America (New York) in February of 1975 for college and work. The talking drum was a comforting for him, it was like a little piece of home and a way to teach me about the Nigerian culture and Yoruba tribe.

Year: 1975

– Folasade Oyebisi

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant