Tacos are life

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

A tradition that my family and I have is how we love to eat tacos, especially when we go to Chicago. This is a tradition in my family - every year we go to Chicago to eat food and, of course, to visit family. We also make tacos all the time, even on special occasions like birthdays and holidays. This tradition is special for me because this brings my family together to enjoy life and to spend quality time together. Making tacos feels like it is one of the best traditions that I have because it allows our family to stay knit together as one. There are lots of types of tacos like barbacoa, Lengua, Tripas, Al pastor, and many more that taste really good. In the pictures below, there are two kinds of Mexican salsas; there is a green one and a red one. They are both really spicy to some people, but not for me, I can take it!  Eating spicy hot foods helps me keep up with my Mexican heritage. I am proud to call myself Mexican for many reasons, and I am proud of my family, but most importantly, I love Mexican food, especially tacos!

Place(s): Ohio
Year: 1994

– Fabian Elias Medina

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant