Strawberry bread pan & recipe

Our 9"x5" metal pan
Our 9"x5" metal pan

 In my family’s food memories, strawberry bread is an all-star. I associate strawberry bread with four generations of my family. The recipe is in my aunt Cindy’s in Prairie Village, KS, handwriting and as far as I know, the recipe originated with her. Cindy loves to bake and studied some type of food science at Kansas State, where my mom and two aunts graduated from college in the early 1970s. 
This was the first bread recipe that I made where you oil the pan and then sprinkle sugar into the pan which, after the bread bakes, becomes part of the crust - genius! Growing up, we didn’t have dessert too often and as an adult I really appreciate the health of that. But as a kid, this sugar sprinkle seemed like breaking the rules in a very good way. 
My next food memory with strawberry bread was seeing my grandma, Thelma in Overbrook, KS, dress up the strawberry bread to make it into “finger sandwiches”. Now we’re talking! She would cut it into thin slices and put margarine on a slice and stack another slice on top. Then, she’d cut those into quarters. 
And last but not least, strawberry bread is in my family’s food memory as something they request every now and then and I’m happy to make. I almost always make it in an air-insulated style of metal pan which my mom, Diana in Indianola, IA, loved to use and now I do too. Our kids are 18 and 21, so young, young adults, but there’s a chance, this strawberry bread recipe will keep traveling down the family line.

Place(s): Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska

– Jessica Stoner

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