Sweet rice

This is sweet rice
This is sweet rice

This recipe is mostly used for when it’s like a holiday or sometimes when someone comes over.rice is something we eat a lot in my culture theses are some types of rice we eat normal rice,rice with beans,sweet rice,and a lot more.this recipe is from paskian.I’m pretty sure my grandma made this recipe and passed it down to my mom or something-.this recipe is made out of:2 cups of rice 6 cups of water4 tbsp of oil2 cups of sugar¼ of tea spoon of orange food coloring ¼ cup of orange juice2 pieces of green card mom10-12 almonds 10-12 raisin 10-12 coconut slices Every time I eat sweet rice it’s always orange for some reason and it turns out my mom put orange food coloring for some reason.every time my mom makes sweet rice she makes another type of rice with it.
Some questions I have for my family,why does my mom make sweet rice with normal rice? Another question that I have is why does she put food coloring in the food.one of the reasons I chose this recipe is because it’s my favorite rice that my mom makes.

Place(s): Pakistan
Year: 2000

– Ashaifq

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