Grandma's Cast Iron

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Black cast iron against tile wall
Black cast iron against tile wall

My father's family migrated to Cedar County Nebraska.  My great grandfather bought, through the Homestead Act, plots of lands for all of his sons.  My grandparents raised their family on this land in the house my great grandfather built.  My grandmother was a fine example of the matron of a farm family. This cast-iron skillet was one of the main tools she used to feed her family.  She woke before everyone to make breakfast, I imagine she used this skillet to cook eggs for all the children, her husband, and the farmhands. She would spend her days gathering ingredients and prepare meals.  She once again would use this skillet to fry chicken to feed her family for their evening meal.  Her modest kitchen did go through changes such as refrigeration, indoor plumbing, and the change from a wood stove to a gas stove, but this cast iron skillet was always one of the centerpieces to successfully feed her family.  I am proud that I get to carry on her legacy by feeding my family with the same skillet that she used to feed hers.  I am sure my grandmother never imagine that this skillet would find new adventures, like making pizza, and be such a loved one and the major centerpiece of my own kitchen. 

Place(s): Cedar County Nebraska

– Amanda Pinkelman

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant