Tin Foil Wrapper

Unfortunately this past summer my great aunt passed away. While we were cleaning out her apartment we found this old fashion aluminum foil holder. It used to sit on the corner of her counter and now it sits in the same place in my kitchen. My great aunt and her siblings all lived in Greenpoint, NY. Thirty years ago when my Nana moved her family to Staten Island my great aunt came along too. It was thirty years ago when she first purchased her apartment in Huguenot Staten Island, the same apartment we cleaned out this past summer. This aluminum foil holder was on her counter for those thirty years. Now when I go into my kitchen and start wrapping my sandwich in tin foil I think of my aunt. I picture her in her tiny little kitchen. That kitchen was the perfect size for her. When I see it on her counter, I am taken back to the day when I sat in her kitchen, just me and her eating lunch for her birthday. I think of her in many things that I do. Looking at this aluminum foil holder I think of her long and beautiful life of 96 years, 30 of which were spent here in Staten Island. She was right down the block from my house and now she is right in my heart.

Year: 1950

– Jacqueline Barbarino

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