Sunday Roast in London

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Sunday Roast
Sunday Roast

We have not done a lot of travel until the last few years.  Our daughters both studied in London and we took the opportunity to have a couple of family adventures in Europe, pretty much every stop involved some type of planned food experience.  The one that has been the agreed upon hit of our family has been the tradition of Sunday roast in London.  We've specifically planned trip[s to allow us to have the opportunity to spend an afternoon in a pub (the Old Queen's Head Pub in Camden is the preferred location) to play games, drink a few beverages, listen to some music and enjoy the food.  It is for sure more about the environment and the experience than it is about the quality of the food.  We have started talking about our next trip and one of our kids has already said, "we've got to be in London on a Sunday".  We know very little of my family's journey to the US, only that we have connections to England and Ireland. The Sunday roast tradition has always felt like "home" to me.

Place(s): London, UK

– Mick

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