My object is sugarcane. It is from Guyana. In Guyana it is used to make sugar. In Guyana my grandfather used to work in the sugar cane field. Almost every week when my mom was little she would eat sugar cane all the time with her sister. When you plant sugarcane it usually takes about 6 months to grow. It grows from 6-19 feet high. Sugarcane is often grown near the coast. When it grows they cut it into pieces and take it to the factory. In the factory they grind it to make sugar. They also make this thing called molasses (a thing that looks like burnt sugar). When you grow sugarcane it takes up as much space as 470 square kilometers of land. Guyana is known for good sugarcane. Sugar canes is also very important to Guyana because it exports and produces this natural resource to many other countries. Guyana also grows the most sugarcane in the whole Caribbean community. I am very proud to be from Guyana.

Year: 2000

– Usha Prasad

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