stuffed animal

this is the stuffed animal
this is the stuffed animal

The reason this stuffed animal is so special is because it belonged to my mother since she was a kid. My great grandmother gave it to her when my mother was very young and she has had it from that moment. This object is so special to my mother and the reason for this is because she wanted a stuffed animal then she got it and that's hard because she was in a house with a lot of people and not a lot of money. She has had it since that moment and held it and loved it through her life. Then she had me and it was passed down to me and i see how special it was to my mother, but then my great grandmother who had given my mother the animal passed and that was hard to deal with especially for my mother but the stuffed animal is an object that reminds us of her love.

Place(s): new york

– LH

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