Haiti to New York

Relationship: Im/migrant
My family in Times Square.
My family in Times Square.

I am Ezechiel Jean EXAVIER. It's a pleasure for me to talk about my immigration situation.I was born in Haiti. I had my girlfriend one day she say to me “I need you to talk.” I said, "Ok, no problem.” We scheduled an appointment in a restaurant and she told me, “my love i have my uncle in the USA.” “He applied for me so the time is coming to go to the USA.” It was in 2014. We married in 2017; five years ago. I finally received my travel documents. It was good news for my family and I.
I came to the USA in May of 2022, but I left my parents and my family in Haiti that I love so much. I had a good experience when I flew in the airplane. I sat in the window to see everything. I arrived in the USA. I had my wife’s family prepare a good dinner for me. I thought I was a prince in NY. I have a dream to be a good plumber. 

Place(s): New York, Haiti
Year: 2022

– E

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant