Stuffed animal (Monkey Butt)

My stuffed animal
My stuffed animal

The object that means the most to me is my stuffed animal (Monkey Butt). I know that his name sounds silly but give me the benefit of doubt I was three when I got him. My father got him for me and I have him to this day. He means a lot to me because my dad used to call me monkey butt and I would feel close to him when I looked at my stuffed animal. When I was younger I didn’t and still don’t see my dad everyday and having my stuffed animal reminds me of him and the memories we would create together since I don’t get to see him often because my parents unfortunately are separated and Monkey Butt is the one thing keeping me close to him and holds a special place in my heart forever and always. I will always cherish him, and I will pass him down to my kids (if I have them) or maybe give him to a child in need who needs a friend in life.

– -K.W

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