What are your Christmas traditions? What is your favorite holiday dessert? In my Italian family a very big tradition is making the Italian Struffoli dessert on Christmas. This recipe started from my great grandmother making it for the first time with her family on Christmas and then the tradition was born which then was passed down to generations. I started helping when I was 6 because before that I was too little to really help out. This dessert making process starts right after Christmas morning and goes on for quite a while. Nevertheless this is a great family tradition that brings us all together. My aunts, mom, and I make the dough together. Since my little cousins can't help much, they roll the dough into tiny balls. While this is going on my grandma is making the honey mix that will coat the Stuffolli. Ultimately having everyone work on something together in the end makes our family grow closer. When the dessert is all done, the house smells like honey. However this smell always makes me think of Christmas and the holidays with my family so it is a good thing that making Struffoli makes the house smell like honey. In conclusion making this dessert for Christmas brings my family closer together and has become a tradition that will be passed on to generations to come. #ItalianChristmas #familybonding #tradition #JSarich2020

Place(s): Italy

– Kelsie Gralla

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