Street Sign

In Fun

The artifact or object that I have chosen is the street sign of the street that I grew up on and currently staying on. This object has significant meaning to me and my whole family, mainly because my whole family on my father’s side grew up here. My great grandmother who is currently still alive, moved to this street in the early 1970s stays on this same exact street till this day. From this street, my great grandmother began to raise her 5-generation family as it expanded over time here. For example, she gave birth to my grandmother Angela Benjamin who years later gave birth to my father Damion Butler Sr. This street is also typically the place where my family’s events take place such as parties, dinners, and many more events. A significant moment on this street was my first birthday and a couple more birthdays of mine were held here. This street contributes to who I am as a person for many reasons. One way is it taught me the dangers of LA and my surroundings in terms of the gang affiliations. It also made me a minority because of where it’s located. My street played a big part in raising me to become the man I am today and playing a role in my everyday life.

Year: 2015

– Damion Butler

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