Steamed Fish and Okra

Steamed fish and Okra, carrot, tomato.
Steamed fish and Okra, carrot, tomato.

Making Steamed Fish and Okra has been a long tradition in my family, the first person in my family to have made it was my great-grandmother's father.  She would always tell us stories about living in Spring Valley, St. Mary, Jamaica, with her father who was a fisherman, he would go out on the sea for days, when he came home he would have brought back bucket loads of fish. He would make a wood fire and cook a big pot of Steamed Fish and Okra for his family and his neighbors, as they celebrate him coming home. This story and tradition has been in my family generations. 

My Great-grandmother taught her children the recipe and her children taught their children and my mother taught me. This is one of the few meals that reminds me of home and my family, when I feel overwhelmed or home sick. I plan to pass the tradition on to my family and for generations to come. 

Place(s): St.Mary, Jamaica
Year: 2018

– Fabian Watson

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more