Statue of a Parrot

Relationship: Im/migrant

       My object is a parrot. When I was a child, my grandpa bought 6 parrots as a pet and we both looked after them with special care. Everyday I helped my grandpa clean and change their food and water bowls. I really enjoyed watching them fly and sing. However, my joy didn't last long, one by one, all of my parrots died from cold. During winter our heating wouldn't  work well, therefore we all had to dress up warm and burn woods in order to keep ourselves warm. My grandpa and I were really sad and we couldn't afford getting new parrots during winter because they would die again. Subsequently, my grandpa took me to the souvenirs shop, where we found the most beautiful statue of a parrot. I loved it so much because it looked so aesthetic and automatically sang when some kind of movement occurred. My grandpa  loved all types of birds, he said that the parrot symbolizes peace and freedom. My grandpa also told me little bit about the meaning of Uzbekistan's Coat of Arms, which has the picture of the bird Khumo that symbolizes happiness, love, and freedom of my country. So after buying this statue, I told my grandpa that this statue should be the symbol of our family's happiness and peace. I placed it on top of our chiffonier and every time I opened the door, the parrot would start singing. After my grandpa died 2 years ago, I asked my grandma to send me this statue, so I can look at it with affection and cherish our beautiful moments we shared with my dear grandpa.

Year: 2012

– Sitorabonu Nematova

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant