1200 singer sewing machine

Sewing Machine
Sewing Machine

Object name:1200 Singer Sewing Machine
Object story:My grandma has always been an important person in my family and, even though she is not here anymore, I still have something to remind us of her: an old sewing machine. In October of 1986, my mother can fondly remember when her mother made her a Halloween costume. Mom reminisced, “she spent about a month making that costume in her spare time...she would spend two to three hours every night making that costume”.  My grandmother had a talent for sewing and she was one of the few people in my family who knew how to sew. In my mother's teen years, although my grandma used the machine less, she still hemmed pants and repaired clothing.  Grandma taught me how to sew, as well.  “She wanted to feel needed...”, my mother stated.      Although my grandmother initially didn't seem like the generous type, she secretly always wanted to help others.  It was as if she couldn't wait to dig out the machine to help someone. The machine was used so much; many people needed hems and various clothing repairs done immediately.     Strangely, the machine was an extension of my grandma.   For that, I'm forever grateful.  She was an amazing person and I'm grateful that I get to use the machine.  It's like having something to remind me of who used to teach me how to hem and do blanket stitches. The machine itself will still remain with me as I try my best to do what my grandma was good at, as well as [hopefully] build on and perfect my skills. 

– JC

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