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Books in Macedonian, English and Serbian
Books in Macedonian, English and Serbian

In 1997 both of my parents immigrated from the country of Macedonia to the United States. Even though they came in the same year, they didn't know each other until they met in NYC in 1998. Since they were immigrating, they couldn't bring a lot so both decided to bring some of their favorite books from home. This picture is of all the books my dad brought when he first came. He brought books from his favorite series: Adrian Mole, along with other various novels and short stories. Some of the books are in Macedonian, but most are in English and Serbian because good Macedonian translations of English books were harder to find. Serbian is also a similar language to Macedonian so most people there can understand it, or just grow up with it since it's mainly used in books and TV shows.

Place(s): USA, NYC
Year: 1997

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Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant