Being born in New York, the only connections I have with Russia are the stories I’m told and objects that were brought over by my family. In Russia, there was a tradition that when a baby’s first tooth grows in, people would give a silver spoon as a gift. My brother was born in Russia. The spoon my parents brought to America was his first spoon. It was pure silver, which not only made it expensive but also healthier than using a plastic spoon. However, the reason the spoon is so meaningful to me is because it has now been passed down to my nephew. My brother had a baby eight months ago and about one month ago, his first tooth came out! A spoon that was given to my brother in Russia thirty years ago is now the same spoon my brother’s son uses. My family came to America 25 years ago; therefore many things were lost or misplaced. It really is astounding to know that one day my nephew will be telling his kids about how his first spoon was their grandfather’s first spoon from Russia.

Year: 1940

– Nicole Dushkin

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