Special Ring

The Ring very special for me.
The Ring very special for me.

 This is my story from around 30 years ago, in Guatemala City, where I’m from. 
My grandma, “Mamita,” is always on my mind. 
My grandma was like my mother. She was a devoted and lovely Mother, and she was always there for me.
She was very sweet but also strict,  and I remember all of the advice she gave me to be a good person.

When I decided to come to America, she gave me a special Gold Ring with David Star. She blessed  me before I left home.
The ring represents my Mamita’s heart and with it I feel calm and remember all the things that I received at home. It is like the time never passed and I feel her with me. I miss her a lot. I love you “MAMITA”.

Place(s): Guatemala
Year: 1989

– Olga

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant