Spanish Bible

The Spanish Bible used by my Abuela (Spanish word for grandma) is used for learning about our culture and our side of the story. Its made out of a very strong leather with gold stitching on the side and front with the words in big Bible. Its been passed on for two generations. It meant a lot to her so she kept it in great condition. I hope that one day she could give it to me so I could enjoy the wonderful book. My grandma loves to read all types of books but this book is definitely her favorite. On her trip here she spent most of the time reading it and praying to it. It reminds me of my abuela and how strongly it's connected to her every time she used to read the book she would have a smile as sweet as honey. It was given to in 1970 for her trip here and she still reads it every day. The book meant so much to her that on her trip here she pack the book over packing a pillow because she said it was all the comfort she needed the book was so comforting that she didn't mind being in the lowest class. This book made my grandma happy and she showed it by taking the family out for a small meal and that it made me really happy. Sometimes I wonder what was her favorite part of the book ? I wonder how old she was when it was given to her. Sometimes at night I can imagine her reading it. I know this book will always stay her favorite maybe someday it could be mine!

Year: 1973


Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant