Soup Joumou

You most likely have never had this Haitian dish and there is no doubt that you most likely do not know the history behind it. On the first day after the Haitians gained their independence, they decided to relax, and afterward, gather all of the scraps they had in order to make a soup that would be eaten as a tradition in future years to come. The soup is winter squash or pumpkin-based with beef, potato, plantains and vegetables, however, my family prefers to use winter squash. When I was younger I asked my mother why we had to eat this meal every year and she then sat me down and explained my birth country’s history around the soup. This soup might seem like nothing but a measly tradition to others but to me, this soup symbolizes my freedom, comfort, and family. This soup was the result of my ancestors losing their title as slaves and gaining their independence, in fact without this soup we wouldn’t have anything physical to remember this important occurrence. As a Haitian American, this soup is important to me because since I now live in America I don’t have the ability to be with the majority of my family, so having this soup on this day brings what family I do have together and reminds us of where we came from.

Year: 1804

– Emarah

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