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Player's Player Trophy
Player's Player Trophy

Tales Through Trophies.
And the award goes to... ASHER! Player's player, wow! Player's player is a trophy voted by your team mates for who they think is the best player. It is important to be friendly, kind, and genuinely good at soccer to win this award, and since I like to identify with those words, I was extremely happy when I found out other people thought so too. The physical trophy is made up of metal and plastic, and I like to use it for display. It was given to me by my coach Tiago, who I really liked, and now since he is not coaching me anymore, I feel a connection with him through the trophy. The trophy will also remind me of my teammates, so when I get older, I will have something to remind me of them with. The trophy also reminds me of my family because they do so much for my identity, and push me super hard to be the best soccer player I can be. I know that without my family or even with any different family, I would not have had the slightest bit of hope for winning the award. This is why the trophy is so important to me, and the story behind it.

Place(s): New York

– AG

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