Soccer Cleats

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The soccer is in our blood, when I was a child I could see my aunts and uncles playing soccer, when I started to grow I started to play soccer but I did not have cleats to play, in 2010 my grandfather came back trip, when he returned from the trip he brought many Things and one of those things were a house of cleats but I thought it was for one of my uncles, my grandfather called me and gave me the box, I got so cheerful and melos put and went out to play. The cleats lasted for two years and when I was going to turn 11 I had to come to the United States my grandfather gave me another box with other cleats and until my birthday of 2015 whenever I use my cleats I remember my grandpa and Every time I play soccer I always remember my grandfather and I always remember what he says to me, "He always gives you everything on the court" today my cleats are hanging on my wall of memory to my grandpa.

Year: 2000

– Erik Garces

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant