Soccer Ball

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Relationship: Im/migrant
Soccer Ball
Soccer Ball

My object is a soccer ball that my dad bought for me when I first came to the U.S. It’s an orange ball with pink stars in the stars are encouraging statements. One of the statements is “ Faster than a bullet”. It was made in the U.S., where half of my family lives.  The history behind that ball is when I was little my uncle in El Salvador told me about how he played soccer, when he was 18 years old and whenever I look at a ball or I played a game I start it reminds me of him. On August 5, every soccer team in El Salvador gets together and plays against each other.  They still doing that.  Soccer is really important to me because besides being a sport for my entire family it is a passion.  Soccer connects to my identity because it is a famous sport in El Salvador and my uncle used to be on El Salvador soccer team Named Veracruz.  When I play soccer in Minnesota with my friends it reminds me of my uncle when he taught me how to play it.  

Place(s): El Salvador
Year: 2014

– J.C.

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant