Soccer Ball

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Soccer Ball
Soccer Ball

This object Is called soccer ball and its used for sports. My story Is about my uncle and my cousin. My cousin loved soccer and he always had a soccer ball with him and he would always be playing with my uncle.  I use to not like soccer at all I use to laugh because It looked funny and stupid running behind a ball.  My favorite sport was basketball I mean you do the same thing but I didn't look that was weird. I liked basketball until my cousin went to Mexico since that day he left lonely and I stopped playing basketball when I was in the U.S  I felt lonely because even when I did have friends but it wasn't the same without him.  Then I remembered he gave me soccer ball.  I promised I would play with it but at that time never touched it until one day some kids invited me to play and I accepted.  I was actually good.  Since that happened I liked it and I practiced everyday because then my dream was born I wanted to be a professional soccer player and prove the world that anything is possible. I think my cousin will feel proud because I'm playing soccer and because it's his favorite sport and I hope to play together one day for our country Mexico.

Place(s): Mexico and US
Year: 2004

– Angel Gabriel Rosas Reyes

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant