Christmas Holiday (Photos)

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Grandparents, my mother and her siblings in a forest in Mexico.
Grandparents, my mother and her siblings in a forest in Mexico.

Around Christmas, My mother’s side of the family gather at my grandfather's house on Christmas Eve. My grandfather prepares food that his mother used to cook when he was a young child. He cooked the food for my mother and uncle when they were younger also. It soon became a dish that was cooked for us on Christmas Eve, along with many other dishes like soup or rice and beans. We would all eat together and talk about random things. Sometimes we would look through my grandpa and grandma's photo albums, that holds pictures of me, my mother and uncle when we were younger. The pictures also showed them in Mexico, back when my mother was a child, and a Christmas photo that showed my uncle opening his present from my grandfather. After eating, we would open gifts even though it wasn't Christmas Day. When nighttime came, my younger siblings, cousins, and I would stay the night over at his house and watch movies and eat popcorn together. In the mornings we would eat a delicious breakfast, prepared by my grandmother. I would be picked up by my mother and watch my siblings open gifts at home. One of the best presents I got from my grandfather and grandmother, was a Polaroid camera. I often talk with my grandparents about taking pictures of things and traveling. Pictures are the only way that I can remember special moments like these.

Place(s): Grandfather's Home/Mexico City

– Ahlani T-C

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant