Grandfather's Medals

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Every time I went to my grandparent’s house, my siblings and I constantly played with my grandfather’s medals. The medals were earned by my grandfather from the Scottish Games. The Scottish games is an annual event that is held as a way of celebrating Scottish and Celtic culture. The games during this event are based on ones athletic ability such as tug-o-war. In my grandparents backyard exists a hill in which my brothers and I would all race each other down to see who was the fastest, thus, receiving the medals from my grandfather. I would rarely win due to the fact that my older brothers were undoubtedly faster than me. Nevertheless, my grandfather always found a way to make satisfied. He would place every single medal around my neck one by one and told me to never give up because one day I would be the one receiving the medals at the Scottish games. I believe my grandfather acquired his determination and diligence due to his involvement in World War II. My grandfather worked as an air-traffic controller during the war. This specific job is recognized as one of the most stressful jobs, requiring complete concentration. After serving in war, my grandfather and his family were forced to leave Germany due to Nazi threats. Having to start completely over with the shirt on his back, my grandfather created an amazing new life here in America. I believe that my grandfather´s success is a result of his courage and perseverance. The medals are important to me because they symbolize my grandfather´s determination and how he never gave up.

Place(s): Germany, Scotland, New York
Year: 1935

– Julia Elkins

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant