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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
black, white and pink ball with a hole
black, white and pink ball with a hole

My family has and still is playing soccer. Its something we do naturally, like my dad said in the interview. (translated to English). “There was a photo of me playing soccer when I was like three years old... I don't know since I was little, I'm Mexican you're born with a ball on the foot” which has made me realize about the pride he has with soccer and the strong relationship he has with a soccer ball. He is really passionate, my mom brother and I are too, whether we play it or we watch it on TV, especially if it’s Chivas de Guadalajara or las Aguilas playing. Since my brother and I were young my dad brought us to Jefferson park every morning in the summer, to train us and show us some basic skills. My mom would also join us and at the end of practice, we would play a 2 vs 2, which were really memorable for me and my mom. (translated to English)“I like, I like playing soccer when just us 4 play as a family,”  she said she would let us win to help build our self-esteem. It was really boring watching soccer over TV when I was younger but it has gotten more interesting, now sometimes I feel dumb for yelling at the TV when the referee doesn't mark a faul or a penalty kick.  But I say that is the fun of it. I now understand the importance of every practice. I understand the importance to my parents when I go to practice, Though I hate when they yell to “cover a kid” or to “follow the ball not the player”. They brought soccer to us from Mexico and they passed on the passion, and I plan to keep that passion going.

Place(s): Mexico New York
Year: 1997

– LC

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant