My family artifact is a soapstone from Guyana. My artifact is made out of clay and golden plaster. The design  on the soapstone is made out of jewelry.  It is the same design we use on our clothes in Guyana. There are different types of designs we use on the clothes.  It was beautifully carved out of clay by my family in Guyana. My artifact is used for decoration and making any place smell good.      I chose this artifact because this meant so much to my grandmother. I wanted to share this because I wanted to make my grandmother happy. I wanted to tell everyone about my rich heritage. My grandmother puts candles inside the elephant as a tradition. It’s meant to bring good luck and peace. The story behind my artifact is that my grandmother got the soap stone from my cousins in Guyana. It was mailed to my grandmother 11 years ago. Then she gave it to me as a present. My grandparents immigrated here in the year 2001. My mother was born in America, but I still have a soapstone to remind me of my culture. My family uses the soapstone during blackouts, when there are power outages and storms.

Place(s): Guyana

– C

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant