Usual Skin color of Ecuadorians
Usual Skin color of Ecuadorians

The color of our skin is a big thing.  The color shows who we are not only Ecuadorians but all Hispanics or Latinos in general. For example, automatically everyone thinks I'm Hispanic and Latino just by my skin. But a lot of them think I know a lot of Spanish but in reality, for me, I kind of don't. We are proud of our skin color because it shows people who we are and what we are. People with the same skin color are the same people with the best jobs in the world. Just because of our skin color and what people think of us doesn’t stop us from any of our dreams. People make fun of our skin yes but we are happy for who we are and it makes us stronger and better. I'm happy for who I am and proud of my skin color without any doubt because it's me and I love who I am. The skin color is every color; anyone can be Hispanic or Latino and have a different skin color. Its very common and I see it everyday but for I dont know why I can automatically tell they are Hispanic or Latino because we usually have an accent. Everywhere in Ecuador you'll see people of all color and its very common in Ecuador.

Place(s): Ecuador

– Nathan Mesa

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