Single-Wide Vacation Trailer

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carting around the neighborhood.
carting around the neighborhood.

A single-wide glorified trailer vacation home. My family has a story that overlaps, gaps, twists, and leads into the abyss. Not one of us living knows where exactly we come from. However, we know where we will go.  Every year, the first week of August, roughly 20 of us go to the beach. We pile into 3 single-wide trailer homes. All dolled up in jubilant beach-y fashion. These trailers to outside people may seem trashy or lesser than. To my family, these trailers show us that we are is only what we make of the time that we spend together. The trailer homes all come with their own special character. Whether it is fish on the walls, tiny kitchens, or horrendous wallpaper. Despite the questionable décor, they have the exact personality that makes them our home away from home. We love these homes. And they have given my family equal love for over 50 years. No matter how crammed, how little space or extravagance they have, we get to be present with each other and make our own story so that the future generations of us know where they come from. They come from tiny trailer park beach vacation homes, and love. 

Place(s): Surfside beach

– Lyndsey Gilbert

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