Silver Zeeland bracelet

In Attire

Two years ago I received this silver bracelet from my grandparents, the bracelet consists of all Zeeland knots. My grandparents lived in the village Domburg, in the province of Zeeland, the Netherlands, where I often went to visit. Zeeland knot was formerly part of the costume in Zeeland. Men wore it on their hat or their jacket or shirt and women more as jewelry. Zeeland knots were in copper, silver and gold. The larger the knot, the richer the person was. Nowadays it is more as a jewelry for everyone, made in different ways such as a bracelet. My grandma and grandpa usually wore a silver collector. Every time I was with their visit, I was very impressed with this button and the amount of people wearing it. I admired the Zeeland knot: The shape, structure and color. An object that stands as a symbol for Zeeland. For me, the Zeeland knot object that symbolizes my youth, my origin and a reminder of my grandmother and grandfather. This Zeeland knots bracelet I received as a gift from my grandmother and grandfather with the character / concept of new energy and power, memory and supervision. A few weeks ago I took on the adventure to study again in impressive large and beautiful city: New York. The Zeeland knots bracelet I took with me to New York to have piece of home with me, that it will give me new strength, a piece of the past – memory, that I can always remember my past and a piece that 'watches' over me during my studies in New York

Year: 2016

– Nina van Styrum

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